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8th June 2020 Covid-19

Message by Holiday Kitty Cat Care 


Holiday Kitty Cat Care is open for buisness and as with most of the country's businesses there are vital changes being made to keep everyone safe from COVID-19.

 Holiday Kitty Cat Care is no exception.

Although contact with humans is limited we have still risk assessed coming into your homes and looking after your cats.  

We have always had anti virus strategies in place to prevent feline viruses spreading so hand washing and anti bacterial gel have always been in use however there are a few changes you will all need to be mindful of and we are asking for your cooperation in a few areas of the business until we are given the full all clear from the government.


The first is new client home visits.

This is where I come and meet you for the first time. This will need to be conducted via the internet for now. FaceTime, Skype, Zoom etc... It has worked in the past very effectively and will certainly not compromise the level of care that is given during the actual cat sit.  Of course I love to visit and meet everyone for the first time but at the moment this will be the process.


 Cash will not be accepted as form of payment

 Keys will need to be dropped off in a sealed envelope 3 days before your first day of booked cat sitting.

If your cat requires medication you must fill out a declaration form now before this is administered.  Please email to request this form 

On arrival for a cat sit we will be fully hand sanitizing using a high alcohol gel.  This is in preparation for opening doors and touching handles.

Shoes will be removed at the door.  


Please could you also provide us with hot water and a dish free sink.


 We will be using our own liquid soap dispenser and paper towels and all carefully disposed of outside wrapped in a bag. Although there is no evidence to suggest that our animals can pass this virus to humans it has been suggested that the virus may sit on top of the fur if stroked by an infected person so hand washing is vital.

The Pet Industry Federation have advised that gloves are simply not as effective as people might think and should be used like we always have in the past in removing feacies and any extra cleaning we have.

We have always carried Method cleaning products (pet friendly) in our bags however after weeks of research I have managed to source an anti-viral spray which is not only effective in killing viruses on hard surfaces but on skin also.  It is non toxic, plant based so is safe to use around animals.  Its expensive but I feel worth it to ensure that we are doing what we can to eradicate Covid-19 as much as possible. If we need to use your toilet then the seat will be fully cleaned before and after with the anti viral spray and  hands washed , Paper towels used throughout and disposed of outside.  On the occasions we do use gloves a compostable brand have been sourced so we are reducing our enviromental impact significantly with PPE. 


Any additional updates will be announced in line with goverment policies and The Pet Industry Federation







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